Friday, July 3, 2009

Visitors in the 'hood

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This is what happens in my neighborhood when you leave your garbage cans out too long.  Driving home from an errand, I happened across this happy family celebrating their great good fortune.  If a few of these shots seem a bit shaky, there's a good reason, but I couldn't resist.

The owner of this house must have seen the garbage spread out on his lawn, but not the bears.  He came out to the bag to pick it up and looked just to his left and quickly headed back to his house.  


  1. Neat adventure! I'm glad you were able to document it.

  2. It was a bit of luck, I've lived here almost 11 years and only see bears on 2 other occasions. Once, it was in the morning when I stepped out to get the paper, it was a neighbor's garbage can. I check before I go out now!!

    Cheers Ivar.

  3. Last week a Wisconsin woman came upon a black bear and startled it while taking out her trash. It took a swing at her and connected on the side of her face before running off.
    They kind of scare me.

  4. Lynne

    Yes, a bear with cubs is really nothing to mess with. The home owner who walked out on them was in real danger of taking one step too far before he realized what was going on. It could have been really nasty because the bear was close to being cornered.

    Thanks for stopping by


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