Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update on Sarah

We made our last trip to Ft. Collins Vet School two weeks ago.  Examination revealed that Sarah's esophagus was open to 8mm (from 5.4) and she could now be considered cured of the stricture problem.  However, the bad news was that the examination also revealed she had some little ulcers in her tummy, likely a result of the Prednisolone given to her after her last ballon dilation to help with the irritation caused by the endoscope.  She has been on a course of anti-biotics for two weeks and has a week to go, but we think that she can begin living a more normal life from now on.  

Friday, April 17, 2009

April in the Rockies

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As you might have heard, we've had a bit of snow.  Here's a few shots from earlier today when the snow was coming down hard.  Easter Sunday was much like this so it's been difficult, to say the least, to get out and get some pictures.  

Stay warm!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Defeat (or, Who Will Win this Battle of Wits?)

Just checking in. I was lazy last weekend and didn't get many pictures, although I got a couple of shots at the bird feeder I set up on Sunday.

As for the feeder, this has been an effort in frustration. I set one up on a steel pole designed (see above) to hold potted plants. I did this because of the increasingly inventive squirrels that happen to live in my neighborhood. I think those guys all have Ph.D.s in pilfering bird feeders. I put it up about three weeks ago and started getting a few customers. Then I looked a couple of days later and it was empty. I was a little surprised but pleased; I thought the feeder had been discovered and was gaining in popularity among the intended beneficiaries. Then, a week later I looked out my kitchen window and there was a herd of five or six deer sucking the feeder dry -- it hadn't been the birds that ate the seed, it was the deer!

I got brave and headed out to Wal Mart. I picked up a supposedly "squirrel proof" feeder to hang in a tree, out of deer reach; I feared the deer more than the squirrels. I filled the thing only partially full, trying to hedge my bets, and hung it on a Scrub Oak branch. There appeared to be few takers, but I decided to be patient, at least it hadn't been drained. Came home last night after our second blizzard of the year had started, and looked out the kitchen window. The feeder, and the branch it was on, was on the ground. It was empty, of course.

I hate to admit it, it seems just wrong, but I 've been bested by our 4 legged, furry, neighbors.